Daylight Saving Time (Whining)

Daylight Saving Time is more proof that old people run the world. One hour difference shouldn’t be a big deal, should it? It often takes me a month to really get used to the time change (particularly after the “spring forward”), and I am not alone. Daylight Saving Time is a pain in the ass, plain and simple. (And by the way, Daylight Saving Time is the correct name, though Daylight Saving[s] Time is most often used.)

The brain of young adults (High School and College-aged) secretes melatonin between the hours of 11PM and 8AM, approximately. When left in a room with no time-telling devices, a teenager gravitates towards going to bed around midnight and waking up at 9AM. In this same situation, a 50 year old will go to bed around 10PM and wake up around 5AM. Sound familiar? Now this is all fine and well, except that a teenager’s unwillingness to get up at 6AM for school is often interpreted as laziness or a lack of motivation (My kid doesn’t like to get up for school; I think he’s smoking that pot!!), when it is actually his/her natural circadian rhythm.

(For the record, my parents were excellent about understanding this phenomenon, and I was a particularly sleepy child and teenager).

The reason given for Daylight Saving Time is to preserve sunlight in the summer evenings and during Winter mornings. The only people who care about the sun rising at 6AM are old people and farmers. When William Willett proposed the idea of Daylight Saving Time, sunlight was more necessary than it is today. We now have lights in our homes, headlights on our vehicles, and alarm clocks to wake us up when it is dark outside. It is just not worth the hassle and complications! There are more accidents reported after a time change, and many of its ill-effects are still not understood. I have a five month old baby in this house, and I assure you that he does not understand the clocks having been moved back an hour. My dogs, who are fed every single evening at precisely 6PM, now start whining for food at 5PM. It takes quite a long time for them to get used to the new time (because, let’s face it, it really is like feeding them at 7PM now). Now I have to deal with the sun going down at 5:30PM every day. I find that depressing, especially since it was an hour later just a few days ago.

The whole thing is just so antiquated and needs to be done away with. Who’s with me? Let’s march to Capitol Hill! (Okay, maybe not.)

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