Chloe Seizures

Okay, new theory.

Well, first.. Jaime got up last night and Chloe was on the tail end of a “seizure.” She was still shaking (convulsing?) a little bit and scared. She wouldn’t give Jaime a kiss on the hand, and then she noticed that Chloe wasn’t acting right. My aunt and uncle say one of their dogs does the same thing, and it correlates to the men coming and spraying their yard (pest control chemicals).

The last two stores I looked in did not have the Hartz flea/tick drops in Chloe’s weight class (31-60lbs, I believe it is). Yesterday I just broke down and treated Davis and left Chloe alone for now. Well, as you know, my dogs like to wrestle around and bite on each others’ scruff. I think Chloe occasionally ingests some of the chemicals from Davis’ back. This would explain why she had a “seizure” after I treated Davis.

No matter what the reason, it sucks when this happens. She goes back to normal within ten minutes, but she is scared the whole time, and it’s quite worrisome to her owners, also. I suppose there is a solution that boils down to buying a more rare, and more expensive, flea prevention treatment. We will never be able to get the dogs to stop wrestling; it’s part of their routine. They already suffer enough since the baby has arrived.

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