Weekend Update

In an ongoing effort to trim the fat from our spending habits, I just called COMCAST to cancel HBO and turn in one of our DVRs. This should save us about $32/month. We still have four ENCORE channels, so we get a lot of uncensored movies, just no HBO original programming (I’ll miss the documentaries and the boxing). OnDemand still works, but with no access to the HBO OnDemand, it’s next to worthless.

Poop watch continues on to Day Ten.

Busy weekend. Got Jaime’s old car running again, cleaned out all the junk. Now we just have to vacuum, scrub, wash, wax, etc. and we can [finally] get rid of the thing. Finished mounting lights at LP’s house, went grocery shopping, and spent a good four hours at the Mulligans’ yesterday. I plan to walk Stephen down to the bank with me today to deposit some checks.

My wife wanted me to help her with her fantasy football draft this year. She has played the previous two seasons without knowing anything, and she has done very well. This season, probably not so much. Blame me. First round pick was more than likely a complete waste, and Kurt Warner may be starting to show his age. We shall see. This week, Zach took us down to Chinatown, as promised.

Tennis was also good this weekend. Weird things happened, and Kim Clijsters won the U.S. Open after taking off almost two years to have a child.

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