A few things..

I took the dogs out right at 6AM this morning, and I could see my breath! It’s hard to see your breath in 50F, but I could. Exciting…

The U.S. Open is on for the next two weeks. 10HRS of Tennis coverage a day is too much, even if you don’t have a job. Been good stuff already, even in the very early rounds.

Stephen’s growth spurt extended into Monday. Glad that’s over.

Chloe had a seizure on Monday. Seizure is what we call them because we don’t really know what’s happening. She loses motor skills but is still aware. She can still walk (sort of) and respond to commands, and it usually only lasts five minutes. First one that we’ve witnessed in over four months. The vet said she wouldn’t worry about it until she starts passing out during these “episodes.” As quickly as it came on, it was gone and Chloe seemed fine.

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