Tennis, Day 2 (after)

It was hotter on Saturday than it was Friday, but at least we got to the metro station without one wrong turn. Thunderstorms were predicted, so I left my camera in the car. Since we had wised up to the prices of food in the Tennis complex, we all ate at Potbelly’s on Connecticut Ave., then rode the shuttle down together with no issues. We watched a good men’s doubles match (with some serves in the 145mph range) and then sought shelter. The humidity was rising while we were there. Krystle, being almost 8months pregnant, was not feeling well in the heat and the sun. Jaime and I went back up to our seats for the Del Potro/Gonzalez match, which was very good, while Krystle and Gavin went to airconditioned areas. Being there live definitely gives you a different appreciation. To be able to see just how far they are leaning inbounds when they strike a serve, or to really see the difference in speed between a backhand slice and a flat forehand. I had a great time and didn’t even get a [lasting] sunburn.

August 08, 2009

August 08, 2009

As I said, I left my camera in the car due to an incorrect weather forecast, so I just took a few pictures with Jaime’s cell phone camera. This shot was taken after a tough rally where Gonzalez slid and fell (and lost the point because of it). No one cheered the point because Gonzalez was staying down on the ground. In fact, there was silence and concern. Del Potro walked over to check on him and Gonzalez stretched out his hand, as if to say “you caused me to fall, now help me back up!” Del Potro hopped the net and helped him up and everyone cheered. Gonzalez was the crowd favorite, but was outmatched from the start.

I would just like to thank S&S for buying us the tickets and watching Stephen all day for two days. I had a good time.

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