I got the dog vomit blues

So… as of yesterday, I am officially unemployed. Friday was my last day at Heritage Hunt Home Owners Association. I logged almost exactly 4.5 years there, and my job changed dramatically in that time. I started off mostly painting walls and reading books (hiding), and I ended up an all-purpose customer service employee. I managed most of the contracts that resulted in direct homeowner complaints (grounds management, pond management, snow removal) and responded to maintenance concerns, both during work and after-hours.

For the time being, I am a homemaker. Get paid to take a few pictures here and there, do a few home improvements, and see what happens with our finances. I am also trying to apply for positions at istockphoto for both photographs and music/samples. Could result in something as cool as my music being used in a television commercial or a movie. Most likely not. It’s a place for producers and editors to buy music for their video productions. This way I could involve my brother and Steve, get everyone interested in putting together a good portfolio and maybe make a little bit of money off of it. The next two weeks are difficult because neither of us is getting paid until Jaime goes back to work Aug17.

It’s really only starting to sink in today–the full implications of not having a job. I ‘slept in’ until 6:30 today, and it had more of an impact than yesterday. I suddenly have a slight fear that this routine will hebetate me.

I think my cat has been using the sump pump well as a litter box. That’s not the bad part. The bad part is that Chloe discovered this fact before I did. I won’t disgust/regale you with the details of how that played out. The damn cat got the best of me. I don’t know why I couldn’t smell what was going on in the basement. I spend a lot of time down here. More investigation is in order.

Baby has a doctor’s appointment at 1:30 today. Finally. He has not been to the doctor since he was one week old. We get to see how much he weighs (right before they torture him with shots).

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