Good Times..

Stephen slept 9.5 hours last night… consecutively. That’s a record. In fact, I woke him up at 6:30. Who knows how long he would have gone.

Last week was one great week. I did so many ‘firsts’ with the baby, and they all went very well. I installed the other carseat base into my car, visited HH and was gone for five hours (including a restaurant visit), went grocery shopping with the baby and walked the dogs with the baby. I saw 1.5 good movies this weekend (we had to leave District 9 early because the shaky handy-cam was making Jaime motion sick). Inglourious Basterds (spell check is going crazy on that one) was good. Saw that at 11:45am on Saturday with only about 1/3 of the seats occupied. Had a nice dinner with my wife on Saturday night. We finally arranged for S&S (really just one S) to babysit on Saturday night so we could have a date. Good time at dinner, but the movie made Jaime sick. I felt bad for her. Motion sickness is awful.

I set up Carbonite to back up my important stuff. Steve wanted me to because he loses sleep over the possibility of our entire catalog of music being wiped out by a power surge. Honestly, it’s a legitimate concern. I still have songs that I made when I was 15; I would hate to lose my data too (the only thing I have ever lost in a crash was a bunch of pictures from 2008). So, once I set it up, I saw that it was going to take weeks for the initial upload (170GB), but then it will update my backups every night at 3am. Pretty cool. It’s 110GB more if I back up my mp3 collection. Also, not ten minutes after I bought a year’s worth of service for $46.71, they raised the price to $54.95/year. Pretty cool, eh? I figure by this time next year, Google will have a [nearly] free backup service (the rumored “G Drive”) that I can use instead.

Stephen makes a small milestone every day. He can now turn over from his back to his stomach whenever he wants, although it still takes quite a bit of effort, screaming, spitting, whining, etc. He is drinking about 25oz of milk per day (my poor wife), and I’ve got the feedings down to a very efficient system with virtually no spit-up.

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