First Two Days

Jaime went back to work yesterday. Thus begins my stay-at-home dad duties. I took him back to my old job and showed him around. I was gone for about five hours, fed Stephen twice, and it was great. He behaved himself the entire time (provided that I fed him when he fussed). Also, I got to go to lunch with my friend Russ at Ruby Tuesdays, and the baby slept through the whole thing. Not to mention, the visits may have generated some more photography business and a one-time maintenance side job.

Today I went to get groceries in 97degrees, just me and Stephen. I had to use one of those strollers with a built-in infant seat. Using this method meant that I had to transfer him in and out of his car seat two more times, which involves straps and all kinds of annoying things. Today went well, too. Bought $109 worth of groceries without incident. Now kiddo is sleeping upstairs. Quite challenging to do anything outside of the house when you have an infant. Quite a challenge indeed.

I spent some time working on my blog recently (more stuff is appearing to the right, including my weather and a link to flickr, where my wife posts virtually every picture we take), and I still need to tidy up my professional sites. The vet is coming to the house at 10am tomorrow. Hopefully the visit coincides with Stephen’s good mood instead of the alternative. Wish me luck!

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