Stephen slept for 8.5 continuous hours last night. Just spoiled me rotten. Now he’s had 5.5oz of milk and he’s out like a light. Only problem is that I have to figure out a way to walk the dogs and bring Stephen along.

I would like to launch a formal complaint against diaper manufacturers. I have only bought Pampers brand diapers so far. Buying the number one brand should have its benefits (they should have all sizes at most stores, the manufacturer should know how to properly label them by now, etc). Finding the size and type of diaper you need has been made so complicated that I have to spend a full five minutes in the diaper aisle every time I go to the store. First there’s the huge number in the corner. That is the ‘stage’ number. Then, within the stages, there are different weight classifications. So, for instance, you can get Stage 1, 6-10 pounds. Or Stage 1, 8-14 pounds. Or Stage 1, 12-18 pounds. Then there’s Stage 2, 12-18 pounds, which is what I am using as of this week. But then, within that size, there are both ‘New Baby’ and ‘Dry Baby’ types. So, not only can you get diapers for 12-18 pounds in Stage 1, but you can get two different types in Stage 2. What’s with the stages, anyway? It’s quite obnoxious that everywhere I go to get diapers, I have to live in fear that I’m going to get the wrong kind and waste $12.

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