Busy Weekend

I forgot how great NPR is on the weekends. They actually have a show that features music from the 20’s and 30’s. How perfect for me. Pretty dry during the week though. For instance, last week was all Ted Kennedy all the time for three straight days. Worse than CNN.

As soon as I posted how good Stephen was behaving in Good Times…. that’s when he hit a growth spurt and became a giant burden for the next four days. He may continue it today, who knows. I was up for more than ninety minutes with him last night while his fatness drank 8oz of milk.

Also, I think he realizes the potential to move if he turns over on his belly. This is the new playtime routine: Try very hard to turn over on his belly. This involves scratching and grabbing at his surroundings, sometimes even using his feet to help push him over. Then, he’s finally on his stomach. Sometimes he can get his arm out from underneath himself, sometimes he can’t. Regardless, he can’t do anything in this position and screams as soon as he realizes it. Then I have to go flip him like a turtle.

Good weekend. Did a little bit of side work, went out to eat at Don Pablo’s, went to the baby-que, took hundreds of photos. I have a group shot to do this Saturday morning (when my parents are in town). That, hopefully, is uneventful. I need the weather to cooperate.

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