Sunday Afternoon

First off, I’d like to say that this show is enraging. I’m sure it’s edited specifically to show the negative aspects of the stage parents, but I just shout curses at the TV when it is on. I hope these parents watch this show and feel like awful, awful people.

I have my first non-CRT monitor. 19″ flat panel. My father-in-law got an extra 19″ for a hundred bucks so I snagged it. (S&S, the check is literally in the mail for that, by the way). Now I just have to figure out how to calibrate it. The neutral colors are all coming out bright blue/purple. I think maybe it’s set that way to counteract regular bulb lighting. I can’t edit pictures until I get this properly calibrated, and it’s driving me crazy. All my black&whites look purple. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a big nerd and I couldn’t tell the difference between a calibrated monitor and an uncalibrated one… or I couldn’t tell the difference between a high quality mp3 and a low quality one.

I only have one more week of work before I try my hand at being Mr. Mom (and we try our hand at being poor). Cool. So cool. Worrisome, too.

earsauce is really churning out some songs this year. We have scrapped half of our “finished album” and are putting new stuff in its place. My plan is to have a complete and mastered CD we can try to market by the new year. We have not yet incurred any cost in all of our recordings, and paying $500+ for mastering will be a huge blow, but I think it’s worth it. This is the best thing I’ve ever been involved with, musically speaking. It’s pretty amazing to suddenly check the earsauce folder and have 40+ songs in there.

We didn’t go bowling this morning, so we were able to do our chores early. It will be a nice evening, not having to worry about grocery shopping and finishing up the laundry. Soon Mr. Mom will be doing both of those tasks by himself. Scary.

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