First Week Back

This week was pretty rough. Monday was my first day going back to work, after taking a full two weeks off. I stupidly volunteered to go into work at 4am on Tuesday, because I was romanticizing the notion of getting off work at noon. Got home at 12:30pm to find my water heater was in the process of failing. Fortunately my Dad was still staying here, and he was able to make a few trips to Lowe’s. I still owe him 400 dollars for my new water heater. Wednesday, my parents and grandparents left town after my parents came to see me at work on my lunch break. Thursday, Jaime had a meeting which put me on the spot as the sole caregiver of my newborn. Turns out she was only gone for two hours. Very routine. Friday was an excellent day punctuated by Don Pablo’s carry-out for dinner.

We are currently getting ready to take Stephen and the dogs over to the Youngs’ house. I have a feeling this car trip is not going to be fun. We’re going to need one of those fences/gates for inside the car so the dogs can not jump onto the baby’s seat.

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