Baby Blue Eyes

June 03, 2009

June 03, 2009

Taken using my remote trigger with the camera on the floor. In order to get the right exposure in low light conditions, the camera was using a 1 second exposure time. This is partly because I was forcing it to f 4.5 so I could get a more well-rounded shot with sharper overall focus. Getting Stephen to hold still for 1 second is difficult when he is awake. This is the best result from about twenty similar shots; this is the only shot I got where he is holding his eyes still. This would have never been possible without my remote shutter trigger.

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  1. Gavin

    Yeah, you were totally right about your comments, Evan. They’re working just fine and I’m a tard-cart.

    That remote shutter trigger sounds really cool. Now it sounds like all you need is something shiny on a stick to get his attention behind the camera. :)

  2. Evan

    Yeah, the only thing I can get him to focus on so far is a mirror, and even then it has to be five inches from his face.

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