woohoo! better late than never..

new release with e-sin. i’ve been trying to get nik/kahvi to accept a pack of my songs for over four years. i think this is a good track list. give it a listen or 20. you can stream if you’re at work.


#238a-238g Evan Valentine and E-sin / Millions Never Tried
A two-for-one guest release this time around, with Evan Valentine (kikapu) and e-sin (lifeform project) giving us a pure idm vibe. melodic, glitchy and quirky with a hint of reggae (seren) thrown in for good measure. tracks range from the disjointed everyone is out to get me to the purely sublime ‘a good hard look’ with its sampled guitar riffs throughout. a fitting inclusion to the collective. worthy mention: track 1: hopes for a quick and dreamy.

(i really don’t like it when people capitalize my name)

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  1. snowboardzombie


    if thats the album you gave me around christmas, I was actually listening to it the other day.

  2. Evan

    no, all caps is fine.

    yeah, that’s the one.

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