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  1. ricmerry

    i haven’t been participating much on lj for months. maybe now that winter is coming i will.
    sounds like you got a new camera, what is it?
    the addition t oyour blog of photos is nice.
    hope things are going well for you, did va have a wonderfall display of fall colors? wa was pretty good this year but it is the eerreen state after all and not the hard woods u probably have

  2. Evan

    with wedding money, we purchased a canon 40d and a sigma 18-200mm lens. the difference is really night and day from my old camera (part of the nikon coolpix series) setup. so far i really like it, but the lens has no macro, which is getting old.

    VA suffered from the worst drought in 50-75 years this year (although it was nothing compared to the droughts further south). so, no, our fall colors were not that grand. it was better than last year, though.

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