jaime and joe


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  1. ricmerry

    My cat “Thumber” would colapse and not move if I tried to put a tether on her…either that or go crazy trying to get it off.

  2. Evan

    joe is a really cool cat. jaime got him when she was going to VT and lived in a townhouse with four people, two dogs, another cat, and two ferrets. joe is used to changing situations, people, animals, inside or out. he has lived with all kinds of different animals and moved from place to place to place. he has lived in at least 5 places in as many years.

    the only thing he wasn’t able to adapt to is when we got our second dog. so we gave him to jaime’s parents. now he stays inside except on the tether.

    but yeah, your cat’s reaction sounds a lot more normal. joe is just to cool to care.

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