i was finally able to capture joe in his natural habitat–tethered in the back yard


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  1. ricmerry

    Cute kitty. Tethered? mine would not go for that.

  2. cherrychampagne

    Aww. I was just wondering about Joe the other day. I understand that Jaime’s mom spoils him rotten!
    But “tethered” huh?
    Can’t wait for Eric to see this

  3. symphonicana

    my mom doesn’t let him run free outside because they live near a major road and she is afraid for his safety. they have one of those metal things that corkscrews into the ground with a long leash attached. they put his little harness on him and hook him out in the yard and he is happy as a clam, rolling around in the grass and taking naps.

    evan has some more pictures of joe too. maybe he can post some, or at least send them to you and eric.

  4. Evan

    after we got our second dog, joe would stay away from home for a month at a time or more. we had him going outside to play and do his business, and coming inside to eat (like every cat i’ve ever had, an “outside cat”).

    after we realized he hated our house with the two dogs, we gave him to jaime’s mother (my mother in law). they don’t let him run free outside because of safety concerns. so yeah, he’s used to being tied up in the back yard and he loves it.

  5. cherrychampagne

    Awww! Ha ha, when I read “tethered” I pictured Joe with a leash just tied to the railing or something. But now I think Eric mentioned the little harness system he has. That’s a good idea. Sweet little kitty. Remember him climbing trees? He looked like an orange and white koala.

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