Sinister Device

new evan valentine release on kikapu today.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Kikapu! Since we love you so much, we have a special present for you today: a new full-length album from none other than Evan Valentine himself! It’s called ‘sinister device’ and this album is a masterwork of tight breakbeats and IDM stylings. It’s been sitting on the shelf for awhile, and it’s debut is long overdue. Thanks to E. Valentine for the wonderful release and remember that we heart you.


ps–unlike the stream, the “stream this release” feature actually works on kikapu. check it out, now you can listen at work! haha

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  1. snowboardzombie

    The art on it is awesome. I’ll check out the sounds later.


  2. Evan

    forgot to mention, artwork by

  3. anothervest

    That’s exciting!

  4. Evan

    for some reason i was more excited about this one than my previous three.

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