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  1. phdinfunk

    That I like…

    It’s easy to want to make flowers phallic or yannic… like maplethorpe or O’keefe… Yet your flower there is cosmic and relaxing, whilest leaning towards the phallic. Another classic in the Evan Valentine repertoire.

    Thanks for the download. I am in Detroit until Jan 2, so I will do the D/L Wednesday and let you know. What did you think of street of crocodiles?


  2. phdinfunk

    one comment

    One thing with that photo, could you use a shallower depth of field? It would be more dramatic if the background was melted more thoroughly.


  3. Evan

    Re: That I like…

    i thought it was weird. cool animation, cool music… interesting, but not entertaining.

  4. Evan

    Re: one comment

    i agree with that. i could make a very careful selection and manually blur the background in photoshop. i think nothing of depth-of-field unless i’m in Av mode.

  5. Anonymous


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