pioneer farm photo stitch


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  1. hetlir

    When I went to Iowa, I kept freaking out because I was seeing barns for the first time in my life. None of the Iowans understood why I was going nuts. “Yeah, so? It’s a barn. My grandpa has one”

  2. Evan

    hehe, being from georgia, i’m definitely used to the whole barn thing. i’ll explain more about this particular farm in later posts (pioneer farm has been in jaime’s family for over 200 years).

  3. snowboardzombie

    Thats awesome. how much would a big ass print of that be?

  4. Evan

    i was thinking about that last night. i’m not sure where i would go to print something like that, but it could conceivably be printed at like 8×48 and still not look digital.

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