zoo trip, part 2: everything but the animals

i got a much better shot of the metro station this time

the four of us, sort of

my two red-headed niggas

the more i look, the more i think i ruined some of these in photoshop (all the flower shots)

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  1. Evan

    yer face is

  2. s_spencer

    I love the way you captured the metro station. It looks huge!

    I couldn’t tell that you photoshoped the flower shots…until I read your note at the end. They are my favorite images out of all of these. :)

  3. Evan

    the metro station is huge. it’s one of the biggest ones. we have to stop there to change trains.

    i see, that’s good to know. the main one that bothered me was the macro of the purple one. i can’t bring out the color the way i want.

    also, with the daisies.. the flowers look good, but all the background (which should be more green, in my opinion) stuff i don’t like.

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