appalachian trail pictures

i got all of these pictures off my cousin’s camera while he was here (just stopping by for two days of rest). i just spent some time combining/editing them. it’s unfortunate that all the panoramic shots didn’t turn out. i’ll have to do some work to make the separate pictures easier to combine.

like i said, i really wish these photos would have been easier to stitch together. as it is, it’ll take a lot of work.

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  1. cvmonkey

    those photos are so quaint and nice, they totally make me want to walk the trail. and honestly, the panoramics look pretty damn good to me.

  2. rxpersatz

    let’s go on romantic hikes together.

  3. Evan


  4. Evan

    i know they stitched together correctly, but look at that bottom one. look how the sky goes from almost black to blue where the pictures change. then look what happens when you do it right:

  5. cvmonkey

    well i can see that they need some work, but i’m still impressed that they look right! i would never be able to do that in a million years.

  6. Evan

    oh, now i see where the mystery lies

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