atlanta aquarium

aquarium photography is beyond me. i took well over 100 photos, most of them just a blur.
it would have been better if i had lugged my tripod around, but the place was overcrowded.
so all the pictures were freehand. i need one of these.

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  1. anothervest

    Holy shit, what kind of a camera do you have? I tried taking pictures of beluga whales at the Chicago aquarium and I got this.

  2. m00k13


  3. Evan

    for the aquarium, i was using my girlfriend’s Canon Powershot A520 (or something.. some sort of little 5megapixel pocket camera). my rationalization was that my camera is old and clunky (very slow to focus, very sensitive to movement inside). even still, most of them were horrible. i erased all the bad beluga shots, but check this out:

    aquarium photography is a bitch.

  4. Evan

    i don’t know about all that, but thanks

  5. m00k13

    I think the photos came out really well. On top of that, that aquarium looks great.

  6. Evan

    thanks. i’ve finally started getting halfway decent results in photoshop. have moved barely into the realm of levels.

    the aquarium is pretty cool. i dunno, i wasn’t all that impressed with it. it was very disorganized and free-flowing, which would have been cool if there weren’t 8 million people there. i remember seeing a lot more fish a lot more of the time in chattanooga.

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