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  1. ex_paraclude417

    those are freekin sweet! you must have got a new camera.

  2. snowboardzombie

    those are all fucking cool man. I should give you my pictures from cancun to fuck with, ah…and all good festival pics too. I have some way cool pictures from above the clouds..big mountain it is.

  3. cherrychampagne

    these are all beautiful. i need to get my camera fixed so i can use my black and white film.

  4. Evan

    nice. there is no substitute for genuine black and white film.

  5. Evan

    go for it. i’m getting a little better at editing, and hopefully tracking down some newer software.

  6. Evan

    got the camera april 10, finally got a tripod about three weeks ago.

  7. phdinfunk


    Those are Euay.

    I like the last one, and the second from the last looks like a Maplethorpe Flower and the tree with the peeling bark (is it a birch tree?) is great too…

    This reminds me I need to recalibrate my lightmeter and go photograph stuff….

  8. Evan

    Re: dude!

    nice, thanks.

    yeah, that one and the ants are both shorts of birch trees. i took a series of them that will hopefully be used for my next album design.

  9. Anonymous

    Re: dude!

    You knotice that everyone who read your message and looked at the pics was inspired to go out and do photos? Every freaking person!

    Nice work!

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