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  1. m00k13

    nice photos…

  2. deafeuphoria

    Nice, the first flower reminds me of this Takagi Masakatsu album cover.

  3. phdinfunk

    ummmm, is that your dog?

  4. Evan


  5. Evan

    that’s because they’re both lilies. i don’t even remember what kind of lilies these are that i got (these are from my flower bed).

    some sort of white oriental.

  6. Evan

    that is miles davis. he’s going to be our dog soon.

  7. exposetink

    What kind of setup did you use for the second shot there?

  8. Evan

    tripod about four inches from the center flower.

    no filters, nearing sunset.

    may i ask how you found my journal?

  9. exposetink

    I was friends with krystle and jaime back in king george. I read their journals to stay in touch with what they’re up to, and got to yours from theirs. If you don’t mind my further asking, what kind of camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, etc did you use? I don’t mean to come off as nosy, but as a fellow photographer I like to learn how others get their shots. This is my wife’s lj account that I’m using, by the way, and my name is Michael.

  10. Evan

    the camera is fully auto. i’m not even a real photographer. at all.

    i point. and i shoot.

    i’ll add you to my list so you can see the rest of my posts.

  11. Evan

    by the way, it’s a nikon coolpix 5700, and i had it on macro mode.

  12. exposetink

    Nice. Sometimes I think it’d be better to leave mine in one of the auto settings. With all the messing around with it I do I end up screwing up more shots than not.

  13. exposetink

    Kudos on picking a Nikon, it’s the only type I shoot with.

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